About Yonder

Yonder are:

Mats Qwarfordt
- Lead vocals, harmonica
Christer Lyssarides - Guitars
Björn Lundquist - Double bass
Kjell Gustavsson - Percussion, harmony vocals

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Yonder is a musical quartet based in Stockholm, Sweden. The players have a long background as sidemen and collaborators behind artists such as Bob Manning, Louise Hoffsten, Eugene Bridges, Larry Johnson, Ahmadu Jarr and many others.


The group was born out of a longing for a quiter and more intimate sound.

Harmonica player and singer Mats Qwarfordt explains: “We wanted to make room for stillness and silence in our music using mostly acoustic instruments such as guitars, mandolins, double bass, harmonica and light percussion. We play original material almost exclusively but the music has its roots in the american blues- and spiritual music of the 1920´s and 30´s. Those stories of everyday life, the struggles and joy of real people is something we can relate to as a part of our own heritage as well. We also feel strongly about our own Swedish folk tradition. The mix has sometimes been described as Scandicana”


The debut CD “Yonder” was recorded 2006, live in the studio with sparse instrumental settings and few overdubs. It reflected the sound of the group in concert and received great critical acclaim in both Swedish and European press.


The second CD “Foreign Shore” will be released in June 2010. For this album more time was spent in the studio, sculpturing a somewhat darker and more haunting sound. The group´s  recording philosophy still remains the same: to leave space for the music to breathe and not overproduce the natural sound of the group.   


2012, after ten years of touring and recording, Christer and Kjell felt the need to leave the group due to other musical projects. In came Peder af Ugglas and Mats Persson.